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What is important? Making human to think less through Design Or to Design a Product that enables the human to think? The way I see it, We can only choose one. What are your views on this As UX And Product Designers?

PS: I'm really curious about what matters here. If my statement sounds stupid, Let me know why you think so. Your suggestions are valuable to me.


  • Darren MotenDarren Moten, over 6 years ago

    Yeah I entirely got the wrong idea from this title. Interface should always be frictionless, but that doesn't necessarily mean a product relies more or less on user's "thinking" per se.

    That would truly depend on the goals of a product. For example, social networking platforms rely heavily on casual use, hence anything that would make you think too much would hinder that goal being accomplished. On the other hand, luminosity is a brain teaser app that relies heavily on the active engagement of a user.

    Interface, on the other hand should always be a frictionless experience that never stands in the way of the task at hand. In that sense, you should NEVER have to think about interface. I am a firm believer that that doesn't mean it should be "invisible," just that it shouldn't get in the way.

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  • Tyler SomersTyler Somers, over 6 years ago

    I also lean toward designing a product that requires little thinking on the user's part. However, recently I have been thinking about the benefits of the user understanding what a product is doing.

    To go along with the washer metaphor mentioned above, I just moved into a new apartment with a brand new washer and dryer. My roommates and I had a lot of issues with using it at first since it wasn't fully installed. Eventually, we got it set up right and through the process, we learned a lot about how it functions and how we can keep it running better.

    The point that I'm getting at is that I don't think usability should be blindly clicking away. Instead, it might be better to create an experience that is both simple, but also shows the user what is happening. Help the user understand what is happening behind the scenes without adding complexity to what they have to do.

    Just my thoughts on the question.

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  • Kristof OrtsKristof Orts, over 6 years ago

    I think the best design is invisible. So your users should have to look to much for everything, it should feel natural. It can be good to let them think about certain things, but not how to navigate or the UI.

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