Do you have creative freedom in your office?

7 years ago from , Freelance Web Designer

In my office, They have blocked almost all popular websites.

Apart from social networking sites, they also blocked quora, dribbble, design blogs, bootstrap, shutterstock etc.. etc.. Oh.. yeah.. Designer News too...

They are tracking me, and they will block every website I visit frequently.

This is not only for my company, but every Indian IT companies do that.

I just wanted to know how's the culture outside India. Do they block too?

Do you have creative freedom in your office?


  • Jon GoldJon Gold, 7 years ago

    OP: you need to change job, right now.

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  • Cosmin NegoitaCosmin Negoita, almost 7 years ago

    I work in the UK and we can access everything we want. As a creative, you need to find inspiration and other resources, so you must be retarded to restrict these for your employees. That's why shit companies like these don't get nowhere.

    I suggest you leave your country just as I had to leave mine (Romania) and find a good place to work in.

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    • Jeff BroderickJeff Broderick, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

      troll "don't get nowhere" ? So they get somewhere? /troll

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    • Darth BaneDarth Bane, almost 7 years ago

      "I suggest you leave your country"

      I mean...I doubt it's that easy for most people to just leave their country.

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      • Cosmin NegoitaCosmin Negoita, almost 7 years ago

        It's not easy at all, but if you want a good place to work in and you can't find it home, you better prepare your CV and start looking outside.

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    • P GP G, almost 7 years ago

      You can find good places to work in Romania. There's no tracking/blocking etc, especially in the creative fields. You don't have to leave Romania, if you're good you can make a very good living here.

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  • Zulficar Ali Muhamed, 7 years ago

    You should seriously consider talking directly to the management or the IT people and let them know your agony. I would believe the reason why they are blocking the sites you visit(dribbble/shutterstock etc) maybe to conserve the internet bandwidth, still if they can't afford it they should think seriously about what they are doing. If they still don't seem like listening to your needs then its better leaving that company that shows little respect for your freedom.

    In the company that I work, we can access any website given we don't misuse it for accessing unwanted stuff as well as spend too much time on other sites and miss deadlines.

    Work comes first. But for designers the support sites are very important for their work. So evidently they are blocking your work. If you are able to talk and convince them it should work I guess.

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  • Manik RatheeManik Rathee, 7 years ago

    Everything is available for us, as is the case for most silicon valley companies and startups.

    I have, however, worked very corporate jobs in the past where they blocked many things using keyword filters.

    Through personal experience, I have seen that the freedom to come and go (set your own schedule), better treatment, and TRUSTING employees ends up producing a good culture, happy people and, most importantly, better work. Not a universal truth by any means, but it's basically a standard out here.

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  • Khaled Islam BouyaKhaled Islam Bouya, 7 years ago

    Here in Algeria,

    I used to work for a mid-size company that used to do that. They think of it as a way to make work "harder" and get more things done. Generally the people behind this kind of practice, are old, they just don't know how this field work... they are here just for the money. They see you as a tool where you just have to get things done faster, they don't care about the quality, the most important are the checks the clients send to them.

    What I did : I've been patient, I work some more (a month or two) then resigned and looked for something else.

    I advise you to do the same, taking in account your personal situation of course.

    This is based on my country and how things are here.


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  • Julie RobertsJulie Roberts, almost 7 years ago

    My office (US) has a basic spam filter, but it rarely interferes with the websites I visit. It seems to have a fairly low threshold and just blocks suspicious websites or categories of websites that less than stellar reputations (porn, games/gambling, etc). Social media is unaffected. I occasionally run into it when doing broad searches for ideas/techniques or various links from DN (usually I think it has miscategorized the website), but it hasn't been restrictive enough that I've requested access to something in particular.

    At a part time job (non-design related) where I worked, they liked to hire college students, but then blocked the college domain and all social media so they wouldn't use work computers to schedule classes or goof around.

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  • Chris CChris C, 7 years ago

    Run for the hills. This is ridiculous – what do you think contributed to this type of culture in India?

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  • Pedja RusicPedja Rusic, 7 years ago

    Absolutely, I remember at my brief time at Sourcebits I heard stories from the developers or the general people that work in India have a lot of restrictions, this could happen to companies that have like 300+ employees, but in your case it's just obstruction of personal needs etc. In Serbia you have basically all the freedom you want, especially if you have a good team involved then you can have as much freedom as long as the job is done.

    In your case sadly the only thing you could try is a mini strike or an agreement with your co-workers to persuade the higher-ups.

    Or just find another place to work :<

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  • Andreas DruschelAndreas Druschel, 7 years ago

    Quit the job, now.

    I know just a few companies in germany, austria and switzerland doing the same thing. They don't understand the way of creativity or productivity. It's mirrored in their website, projects and even clients.

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  • Vaibhav Kanwal, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    I also work in an Indian IT product company.

    We have no restrictions. Self-control is important but there's no one looking over your shoulder to see what you are doing.

    Such an atmosphere at work can be crippling towards one's personal growth. I suggest you to another organisation where the work culture is better and treats employees with respect.

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  • joemon mathewsjoemon mathews, almost 7 years ago

    Same happened to me in my previous organisation. However I directly went and talked to the IT manager and they gave the access opened only for me. Probably you can try the same.

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  • Kenneth DsouzaKenneth Dsouza, 7 years ago

    When you said 'Creative freedom' I assumed something else entirely. I would not call accessing popular websites as 'Creative freedom'.

    However coming to your point, I am currently interning at an indian startup where, surprisingly, certain sites are blocked. We used to use Zenmate (browser addon) to bypass this but off late its been blocked too. What's strange is that the copywriter can't access Facebook to post to the company page.

    Paraphrasing a colleague of mine: Companies should come in terms of our addictions. They do not stop smokers from taking smoking breaks do they?

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  • Davie BuchananDavie Buchanan, 7 years ago

    As the sole designer at a startup I get to do pretty much whatever I want. OP I would suggest you look for employment elsewhere. I know it is hard but it is most likely stifling your creativity. Good luck.

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  • Jorge MartinsJorge Martins, 7 years ago

    Sorry if I'm asking the obvious, but have you tried explaining them that you need that as part of your work?

    you can always try to approach it as technical difficulty you are experiencing, that is becoming counter productive and needs to be fixed asap.

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    • Surjith S M, 7 years ago

      Our next project is based on Bootstrap, so I referred it many times and they blocked it too.. And unblock that particular site when informed. What should I ask for then?

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  • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, 7 years ago

    Toronto, Canada

    worked for Allstream a few years ago (previously AT&T Canada) they used to block stuff from time to time.. If it was something i genuinely needed to see etc, I'd just wander over to the guys that were in charge of that sort of thing (network etc)... we'd have a chat, and I'd explain what i needed...never had a problem after that...they understood i had to see certain websites for my job...(creative sites like the ones you mentioned)

    mind you...that was the ONLY place I've ever worked in my life that did that sort of thing...and i was only their a short time....(1.5 years or so)

    can't imagine working somewhere that did that sort of thing now...i positively hate waiting for things, or having to ask for something like that 'can i please see this website sir?'....that's insane. If you're asking someone to build you a web design, or a UI design, then block them from seeing other design sites etc...that's really not making any sense to me.

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  • Agusti FernandezAgusti Fernandez, almost 7 years ago

    Not the best scenario for loading dribble, but you could use TOR.

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  • Johnny LamJohnny Lam, 7 years ago

    Use Incognito mode? I work at a University of the state so we have pretty much limitless creativity. Just need to be appropriate for the specific audience which is mainly prospective/current college students.

    We've recently adapted using flat design in some of our medias.

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  • Rizwan MRizwan M, 7 years ago

    Am also from a popular indian based MNC company. Its been three years. Except social networks, some blogs and downloading site everything is available.

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    • Surjith S MSurjith S M, 7 years ago

      In MNCs, Its hard to track each and every people, what they are doing. In my case, its a small company with < 50 employees. so they can easily track.

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      • Ashraf AliAshraf Ali, almost 7 years ago

        My goodness, I am thankful for my position. I am appalled by your employer. Especially for a small company, the "apparent" productivity gains is nothing compared to the employee morale nosediving. Your employer probably needs to develop more real-world sensibilities.

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