Looking for the Best / Worst Design Recruiting Emails

over 5 years ago from , Freelance Designer. Former Senior UI Designer at Apple

I'm looking for examples of amazing and awful design recruiting emails. Ones that led to a job you took, or ones that make you absolutely cringe. Post them below or forward them with your comments to twitter@padbury.me


  • Paul @StammyPaul @Stammy, over 5 years ago

    Here's one I got today.. https://twitter.com/Stammy/status/486310393527029762

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  • Will Hitchcock, over 5 years ago

    Anything that mentions unicorns, ninjas, rockstars or anything of the like are an immediate turnoff.

    "We're looking to hire ninja designers and rockstar developers to help disrupt this $8 trillion industry. Let's change the world together!"

    Shut the fuck up.

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  • Evan KnightEvan Knight, over 5 years ago

    Got this today

    "I'm curious if you'd be interested in a job all about whiskey. If that sentence doesn't immediately make you thirsty, then I have my answer. ;)"

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  • David DarnesDavid Darnes, over 5 years ago

    I read "reach out" and that was enough.

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  • Henry Doe, over 5 years ago

    One I got last week:

    "Hi Henry,

    Iconic, moving and visually lickable. Your pixels are like a Latin American salsa dancer, I just can't keep my eyes of them.

    Fancy a job?

    Mark Z."

    decided to junk it.

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  • Matthew R. MillerMatthew R. Miller, over 5 years ago

    I get emails constantly from Dribbble, usually just some form of copypasta I can only assume they're slinging out to every designer they come across. They almost always mention how "clean" my designs are and how much they love all of my work (never mentioning a specific project). I like to send a follow-up email thanking them for contacting me and asking them what project of mine they were specifically drawn to. They never reply to that, because they never look at the work.


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  • Tom DurkinTom Durkin, over 5 years ago

    "Hi, I'm obviously a recruiter trying to pretend I'm a web designer looking to reach out to new people."

    closes laptop lid

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