Lynda.com finally fixed UX problems with its video player

over 5 years ago from , Front-end designer @ 3D Hubs

I don't know if this problem ever bothered you, but I think that is much better to hide the video player controls immediately when the user move the cursor away from the player.

Current behavior: http://i.imgur.com/8WhwR0j.gif

Before you had to wait 1.5-2 seconds to see the controls disappear and IMO it was very annoying especially when watching videos showing a captured computer screen. I don't know why it took so long for Lynda to get it.


  • Andrew Johnson, over 5 years ago

    Treehouse does the same thing. I actually commented on it on their forums and was met with a pretty unanimous "Quit complaining, it isn't a big deal," response. I was almost hoping that one of the instructors would find the thread and make it into a teachable moment... since it (and Lynda) are supposed to be resources for learning about UX and Design.

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    • Francesco Bonomi, over 5 years ago

      I don't understand how they can say that it isn't a big deal.

      Lynda (like Treehouse) has a lot of great resources but I can't believe that no one has ever noticed or complained about this; I'm also talking about instructors...

      In general, the player page is badly done.

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  • Gareth PriceGareth Price, over 5 years ago

    How is this a problem? Surely it is a difference of opinion?

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    • Darth BaneDarth Bane, over 5 years ago

      Hmm in this case I would probably argue that it's a usability issue, and therefore a design problem. The videos on lynda.com are instructional, so hiding any part of the video, even for just two seconds, hides vital content.

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    • Sorel ArghireSorel Arghire, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

      If it wasn't somehow a problem probably Lynda wouldn't have fixed it and somebody probably wouldn't have posted a thread here. But this not being the main argument for why is this a problem, as the fellow that also replied said, it's annoying for example when watch code tutorials and it's hiding the part of the screen (and maybe the instructor scrolls down and you have to pause and go backwards and here's that overlay again and iisus hristos).

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