• Clark WimberlyClark Wimberly, over 7 years ago

    It's neat looking, but without a "title details" view, it's mostly useless. I have no idea what the IMDB homepage even looks like, because I've never landing on anything but a details page. This would be like redesigning the Wikipedia homepage and not touching the article view.

    Hope that doesn't sound rude, you've got an amazing start here, I just want to see more!

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  • Jordan StanisciaJordan Staniscia, over 7 years ago

    All I want to do is search on IMDB.

    This design hides search.

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  • Shea LewisShea Lewis, over 7 years ago

    I couldn't give a shit about the UX. I think the thing to take away from this is what you can do with webflow. Its pretty crazy. This is a great start for a designer to come in make a quick front end prototype and have an actual developer come through and brush through the code and clean up some of the glitches. Great work man! Would be cool to talk about some of the ways you went about doing some of these tasks through webflow.

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    • Hamish TaplinHamish Taplin, over 7 years ago

      As a developer, I would absolutely hate having to do this—you'd be completely tied to Webflows way of doing things (class names, etc). It would suck!

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  • Ryan GloverRyan Glover, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    Crazy that this whole thing was done with Webflow.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, over 7 years ago

    reading this might help: http://www.quora.com/IMDb/How-does-IMDb-make-money

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  • Joao Paulo Teixeira, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    hey guys! I agree with you about the problems about that..

    but: did you read the disclaimer at the bottom? I know that this version does not apply in the real world, which has many usability/content mistakes. It's just a concept and an exercise of a tool (webflow). I have many years of experience with usability, information architecture and I have no intended to show that this concept is better than the current version.

    anyway, at least I believe that create a prototype with interactions and html code is much more interesting than just shots on dribbble or boring jpgs. okay .. thanks for the feedback .. cheers

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  • Erick De La RosaErick De La Rosa, over 7 years ago

    I just think it's cool that you built the whole thing with webflow. I should try that out.

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  • Sander SmeekesSander Smeekes, over 7 years ago

    I get that you are not focussing on the UX, so I won't say anything about that. But indeed, it's nice to see what you can do with Webflow. Thanks for showing us :)

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  • Shawn BorskyShawn Borsky, over 7 years ago

    Solid, it feels a bit crowded with so many images. Reminds me heavily of the Time Warner redesign : http://www.timewarner.com/

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  • Jorge MedranoJorge Medrano, over 7 years ago

    Great visuals and superb visual style but, like other folks have pointed out, IMDB is all about the data. You rarely make heavy use of the homepage. Most use scenarios start searching and then going to detail pages.

    Even so, I can see this layout making a great overhaul of the current image galleries. I'd love to see these big, bold, bright boxes instead of the rather small 640 x 515 current size.

    Thanks for sharing! Keep up the great work!

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  • Diego LafuenteDiego Lafuente, over 7 years ago

    Where are the ads?

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  • Daniel ArcherDaniel Archer, over 7 years ago

    LOVE THIS. I'd love to see this more built out.

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  • Juan SolanoJuan Solano, over 7 years ago

    It looks very cool. I guess It is a good start but one can not say much with it being so incomplete. I wanted to see how you design the cast tab of Breaking Bad but it is not there. IMO I would give a lot more relevance to the search and the flow that goes there since when I use IMDB I have most of the time an specific movie/series to look for. There are fewer times when I use it for serendipitous findings.

    And +1 for Scarlett looking so damn good.

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  • Catalin CimpanuCatalin Cimpanu, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    Favorited the original concept on Dribbble 5 days ago. I did it because it looked great and I have some plans to re-design a game's dashboard using a similar layout. I did not favorited it because it was functional.

    IMDb should not look like a flashy Web magazine. IMDb is a data portal. The focus needs to be on the data's availability when loading the page. Currently you can only see 4 images when loading the page. Users don't like scrolling down 1500px just to see the news, box office revenue, upcoming films, new releases and so on. There's a point why in 25 years of Internet and countless of design agencies taking a jab at it, all portals still look the same. As a point of reference check out Sports Illustrated's recent redesign. It manages to look fresh and flashy, use lots of high-quality images while still providing lots of data on the homepage.

    I hope you don't take my feedback with malice and take another jab at the homepage (or whatever page you we're trying to redesign there... could not find an homologue on IMDb's own pages).

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    • Joao Paulo Teixeira, over 7 years ago

      My intention was never to make a functional prototype...I always let that clear.. is just an exercise of a tool. (webflow). thanks.

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      • Adrian StanAdrian Stan, over 7 years ago

        Than why all the promotion on all these design social networks. I learned Ruby a week ago but I don't go bragging around with incomplete make-believe projects.

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  • Joe ParkerJoe Parker, over 7 years ago

    Don't forget a "Showtimes" link!

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  • Christopher CarterChristopher Carter, over 7 years ago

    Awesome work man!

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  • Moeed MohammadMoeed Mohammad, over 7 years ago

    So this is what a superficial Dribbble mockup looks all coded up huh?

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  • Murat MutluMurat Mutlu, over 7 years ago

    This is really nice, would be nice if search didn't take two clicks because it's mostly what I use it for but saying that, you've managed to make other content on IMDB more attractive to click on (which would change my current behaviour and make me spend more time on the site)

    Great stuff!

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  • Stéphane Montlouis-CalixteStéphane Montlouis-Calixte, over 7 years ago

    I just LOVE that trick to simulate a radial percentage. Good job !

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