• Brandon MorrealeBrandon Morreale, 6 years ago

    Unfortunately the large and poor readability type, big table, and tight line spacing make it a chore to read and take away the ability to scan.

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    • Sam SolomonSam Solomon, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

      People used to complain about type that is too small, but recently I've heard that type is too large. To me the 18-20px range seems perfect, but I agree the font seems difficult to read here.

      Perhaps, this is a good place to open things up for discussion. What are some key things to keep in mind for long-form reading typography? Do you have any favorite fonts?

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    • Gareth PriceGareth Price, 6 years ago

      I find it far easier to read.

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    • Sheffield LeithartSheffield Leithart, 6 years ago


      There's no hierarchy in this design. The pages are far too long, and it is not a great font choice, given the content. The page width is also too large for the line-height and font size.

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    • Guillaume BroderGuillaume Broder, 6 years ago

      Zoom at 70%… Much better already.

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      • Oliver ChankOliver Chank, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

        I prefer 90%, and this applied in chrome's dev tools:

        p { font-size: .85em; line-height: 1.7em !important; }

        I'm running a 1680px wide resolution on a 15" Retina Macbook.

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  • Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, 6 years ago

    I appreciate this most of all of the wikipedia redesigns that have popped up in recent months because it's live and you can actually play with it. That said, the body type could use some more leading.

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  • Lewis FludeLewis Flude, 6 years ago

    “Another one?” I thought while sighing to myself. Surely this wasn't going to be yet another Wikipedia redesign.

    But lo' and behold, this one is actually functional. It's a nice reskin. Probably one of my favourites so far. Keep up the good work.

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  • Vinh LeVinh Le, 6 years ago

    auto complete on the search bar plz :)

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  • Patrick NeufmillePatrick Neufmille, 6 years ago


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  • Matthew KosloskiMatthew Kosloski, 6 years ago

    I think this is great! Would I be able to use this at school, where Wikipedia is blocked?

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  • Diego LafuenteDiego Lafuente, 6 years ago

    I didn't liked it. The articles looks pretty dull in that grid.

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  • Tobin HarrisTobin Harris, 6 years ago

    I like it, refreshing and noise free.

    Some things I'd play with if I had a spare hour :) ...

    • Consider reducing to max 12 words per line
    • Or introduce 2 columns
    • Drop font size a point or two, check line height
    • Sticky table headers (you know, that stick to top of page)
    • Css for print
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  • Robin RaszkaRobin Raszka, 6 years ago

    Wow, I love it.

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  • Abhishek SureshAbhishek Suresh, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    Here is my 2 cents Moe,

    There is a thin line difference between elegant whitespace and ugly wasteage of space. Unfortunately this is an example of the latter.

    1. Imagine, people who want to take print outs of articles would end up printing large areas of blank spaces using volumes of paper.

    2. Imagine how much you have to scroll through on small screens.

    3. And what if I am a fast reader and I would like to 'skim' through the article? I have to do so much of scrolling!

    4. Did you think of other language users?

    The experience is not simplified, but made more complex in the name of minimal design. Give some thoughts to such aspects before designing everything Apple-esque-Helvetica-Neue.


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  • Matt LindleyMatt Lindley, 6 years ago

    This is not minimalism, it is lack of design.

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  • Moeed MohammadMoeed Mohammad, 6 years ago

    The thing I love about Wikipedia is that it feels like an encyclopedia.

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  • Jamie MartinJamie Martin, 6 years ago

    I think this is a perfect example of form over function.

    What problems is this solving?

    Font is too big/unreadable, line spacing is bad, margins are huge, no hierarchy, contents table is a mess.

    I think stuff like Wikiwand or some of the userstyles for Wikipedia are cool though.

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  • Lloyd WonderLloyd Wonder, 6 years ago

    I don't want to take away from this but if you've enjoyed this you should really try checking Wikiwand or Wikipedia Modernized, which is the extension for it.

    100% functional and lovely, in my opinion.

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  • Shawn BorskyShawn Borsky, 6 years ago

    I appreciate that this is a functional redesign. It's nice but I don't find it makes Wikipedia any better or worse. Feels like a very similar experience just bigger type and more whitespace.

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  • Curtis EstridgeCurtis Estridge, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    Props on making it functional. I'd love to see this with some of the feedback here taken into account. Great work!

    Also. Clean up that contents section! It feels neglected.

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  • Blake Reary, 6 years ago

    Looks nice and everything, but how do you make edits to the content or view the edit history? That's the heart of what makes a wiki, and it's left out.

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    • , 6 years ago

      Thanks. As mentioned in the about page, this is just a design concept, and it doesn't have all the features. Implementing editing would have been a major development task for this.

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  • Mike DemaraisMike Demarais, 6 years ago

    any recommendations how to force chrome to use this over vanilla wikipedia?

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    • Bryce DriesengaBryce Driesenga, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

      Perhaps the designer/developer will make a Chrome extension? I used to use one that restyles Craigslist.

      Alternately, you can create a custom search in Chrome for this site like so...

      1. Right click address bar and click "Edit search engines..."
      2. Scroll down to the bottom and find "Add a new search engine"
      3. Name it whatever (e.g. Minimal Wikipedia)
      4. Give it a keyword (e.g. mw)
      5. Put this in the URL box: http://wikipedia.moesalih.com/%s
      6. Save it. Type 'mw [space] apple' in Chrome's address bar/omnibox.
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      • Account deleted 6 years ago

        Why would you ever restyle Craigslist?

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        • Bryce DriesengaBryce Driesenga, 6 years ago

          I should clarify -- I used to use one that restyled it. Not I just use an extension that adds some nifty hover features to the search results.

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  • Cody IddingsCody Iddings, 6 years ago

    I think changing your body from 20 to 16 (and maybe a bit more line height) would increase readability.

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