What are your experiences with UXPin?

over 8 years ago from , Designer

Currently I use sketch on paper for quick and dirty designs. For documentation, I use OmniGraffle, and for prototyping I use Axure.

I've always played with alternatives, like Balsamiq or Mockingbird for wireframing. Recently I came across UXPin and while the video is promising, I'm wondering what the real-world feedback is of this app.


  • Oliver JohnstonOliver Johnston, almost 8 years ago

    Just started using UX pin today in the Studio. It is AMAZING. I love the quick element popup & the "Google Drive" like collaboration. 10/10 :)

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  • Joe Villanueva, over 8 years ago

    I should add that one of the main features I'm looking at is whether the consolidation of the other programs' feature sets was actually successful. I'm already torn on the AJAX element search popup thing.

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