• Matt LindleyMatt Lindley, over 6 years ago

    This is a waste of time and energy. Saving will be dead by the time they come up with something to replace that icon. Apple has been working to do away with save buttons and web apps like google docs reaffirm this. In the future this will be the standard.

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    • Andrew LiebchenAndrew Liebchen, over 6 years ago

      I think I agree with you. If I weren't lazy, I'd hunt down the link about why the concept of "sync" is dumb. Why do we have save/sync everything all the time? Should it just be safe, in sync.

      I've been working with a startup for a few months (my first job like this) when it hit me, "I'm not backing up anything on my work laptop." One of my co-workers pointed out that there was no need: all our code was on Github, all our files were on Dropbox, and even every app I use every day could be quickly downloaded and installed (Adobe Creative Cloud included).

      So happy not to have to be concerned about backup anymore.

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  • Dan CortesDan Cortes, over 6 years ago

    Well, since everyone knows what it means, does it matter where it came from? It's a symbol all its own now, I don't see why that's a bad thing.

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    • Vince Angeloni, over 6 years ago

      I agree. You shouldn't attempt to fix what isn't broken. Icons aren't just pictures or symbols they are languages all their own and they should be treated as such. Once you start swaying away from what users know you are no longer speaking their language. Changing a globally recognized action symbol could have a massive impact on users.

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    • , over 6 years ago

      Hmm... Interesting. I definitely take a different opinion on that. I definitely feel like it's an abstracted concept, but the rendering is still quite representational and it lacks conceptual integrity at this point. If we are going to have a meaningless icon, it should at least look good - and the floppy disk icon does not.

      I also think it does matter where the symbol came from. A flawed standard that's been widely accepted it still flawed.

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  • Jenni LederJenni Leder, over 6 years ago

    I tried using a up arrow on a cloud icon to indicate saving on the latest app I'm working on. And it really did save to iCloud, but users and even Apple had problems with it. Users guessed that it would save the iCloud, but they didn't think that's what it really did.

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  • Samihah ASamihah A, over 6 years ago

    Hmm - I propose...the door to a bank vault, or safe. http://istockpho.to/11OKqus

    On a more serious note, we should look at what exactly it means to save and the emotional reaction towards saving and what it means now (sometimes saving is actually uploading to dropbox/box/something else, other times it's literally saving to your hard disk, or a thumb drive, etc). So even though saving in the cloud vs locally are technically different, to the average user, the purpose (and possibly the perception of the two methods) is the same: to retrieve the information later.

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    • Account deleted over 6 years ago

      Not a bad idea. There’s a common perception (reinforced by the use of a floppy disk and cloud iconography) that “Save” means “Commit to Disk” or “Push to Cloud.”

      “Save” means “Make This Safe.”

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