• Carlos HermosilloCarlos Hermosillo, over 9 years ago

    "The 40 hour work week is so widely accepted that it’s become the status quo." And not only is it the status quo, but a dated ideology for success that's a complete byproduct of the myth of meritocracy in sociology.

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  • David MazzaDavid Mazza, over 9 years ago

    Couldn't agree more. Spending time not working is the best way to unconsciously think through issues.

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    • Fred Yates, over 9 years ago

      Some of my best ideas come while I'm dreaming. I've joked before that I should charge for my sleeping hours, hah.

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  • Daniël van der Winden, over 9 years ago

    It all sounds great, and I'm sure I would like this lifestyle as well, but I think you're missing one thing in your post: if you're doing what you love — be it designing, coding, concepting, whatever — you'll want to develop your skills.

    In my opinion, when you're freelancing, you're doing what you already know and can. At an agency (where the hours you describe aren't that usual) you'll learn much more because you're working with smart and inspiring people on a daily basis.

    Of course you'll learn stuff when you're freelancing, but I think you'll learn less when you're freelancing.

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  • Matt FloresMatt Flores, over 9 years ago

    Man that condensed type is hard to read!

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  • Jordan BrownJordan Brown, over 9 years ago

    Love this

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