A proper Design Critique

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In my quest of finding a design critique process that could work for our team i found several useful articles on the web and i taught il share it. Its about a 20 minutes read in total.

Why do you need a good process, article by Julie Zhuo: https://medium.com/the-year-of-the-looking-glass/build-a-trustworthy-design-process-89e964d0a3a5

A very well detailed article about doing a design critique, by JAKE KNAPP: http://www.fastcodesign.com/3019674/9-rules-for-running-a-productive-design-critique

Also found this article useful: https://medium.com/design-ux/getting-the-most-from-design-critiques-33f6018097a8


  • Dave LuetgerDave Luetger, over 7 years ago

    Separating the critique from the problem solving part has definitely been something my teams and I have struggled with. It's so easy to fall into a trap where alternative suggestions become full blown conversations.

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    • Zsolt I, over 7 years ago

      Some how every one of these articles and guides say the same thing, DO NOT DESIGN during the design critique :)

      And yet we somehow always manage to do it

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  • Dirk HCM van BoxtelDirk HCM van Boxtel, over 7 years ago

    During my last job interview (2 years ago now) I was asked a very simple question.

    "How do you handle critique?"

    I'm pretty sure I smiled a wide smile, and said something along the lines of "well, I use it!".

    Critique is such an integral tool for designers to wield. We delude ourselves the minute we start thinking our empathic skills are all-encompassing. We have to realize that we know nothing, that we can never see all angles, and then do our best to get as many angles as we can.

    This is (in part) how designers end up being "T-shaped". This is why we know how to set up Facebook accounts, Google ads and link Tumblr to Twitter. This is how we end up setting up a server with Wordpress on it, why we learn how to code Drupal modules, or learn how to modify PHPBB to do what we want. It's how we learn Ms PowerPoint, learn about sales funnels and what project management tools are best.

    We have to empathize with anything and everything. Working for and with so many others, we try to get a glimpse of their view of the world, to be able to deliver what they need.

    Empathy starts with getting critiqued.

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  • Jamie WilsonJamie Wilson, over 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing these! Here's another one specifically for client web projects, but I think it still has some useful ideas/concerns for internal critique:


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  • Andrew Coyle, over 7 years ago

    Awesome articles! Thanks for sharing. The thing that has helped me the most in participating in critique is staying as objective as possible and asking why a lot.

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  • Ricky SynnotRicky Synnot, over 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing :)

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  • Adam T.Adam T., over 7 years ago

    Stupid phrase I use to encourage those I work with to give/take feedback more freely...

    Critique is like a vaccine, it might hurt a bit at first but you end up stronger for it in the long run. (or, in this case, your design will)

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