• Samuel ZellerSamuel Zeller, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    A reply to this thread by Janos Koos.

    I'm using a software called Moment of Inspiration 3D, available on both windows and OSX, at it's core it's a 3D Nurbs modeling software but you can also do some powerful vectors drawing in it.

    And you can copy-paste back and forth between apps like Illustrator, Sketch, Indesign and this software.

    I'll do more videos when I got the time :) Thanks for watching

    (bonus: the wallpaper I'm using in the video is available here)

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    • Janos KoosJanos Koos, almost 7 years ago

      I can only wish that at some day, Illustrator is gonna be that powerful. I loved to see how easy is to draw a tangent when you draw the heart. It's awesome. I'm gonna definitely try MoI3D, it's also gonna change how I model in 3D as well. I used Illustrator a lot with C4D, but it will be much easier for geometrical stuff to use MoI.

      Thanks for sharing! I'll check out the software now.

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      • Samuel ZellerSamuel Zeller, almost 7 years ago

        I'll post my MoI3D shortcuts on my website and keep you informed, I've been using it for like 2 years now. You can customize every shortcuts to your need including scripting them.

        The V3 beta need a license, but it's gonna be soon in release candidate meaning there will be a V3 trial.

        If you have any questions use the forum, the main developer answer everyone quickly, it's like 1 on 1 support :)

        Before that I was modeling in Sketchup and C4D as well, but now I'm doing 90% of my work in MoI3D and the rest in C4D and it changed my workflow entirely!

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      • Samuel ZellerSamuel Zeller, almost 7 years ago

        (btw I've just sent you a PM on behance)

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