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over 4 years ago from , Creative Director @Offroadcode

My current site has for a long time been primarily focused around the writing section/blog which has had some good traffic over the years but I really want to realign/redesign to focus on promoting myself and generating work enquiries so looking to rip it apart and perhaps rebuild.

My main aim is: Generate work enquiries My main problem currently is: Most people don't know I'm available/think my site is just about my writing

What I want to do: Get advice/crit on what's weak or strong about the site and what I can do to improve the messaging and content to make myself a more attractive proposition to potential clients and be clearer about what I can offer etc.

It's been in its current format for a while so I don't mind ripping it down and starting again or making tweaks of any size.

I'd love to hear some feedback / suggestions from the community and really appreciate you taking the time to look through and make some suggestions on changing the focus.

Site: http://welcomebrand.co.uk




  • Ian StapletonIan Stapleton, over 4 years ago

    It’s a tough one. I’m not going to comment on the design side (I’m in no-way qualified) – what I will talk is substance. A nice design keeps people on your site once they get there (especially so if the UX lends to allowing visitors to discover more content) – but Content is (& always has been) King.

    You say that people generally arrive via the Writing section. But where from – are there particular direct referrers or more common search terms? Do some posts attract more visitors than others?

    And, assuming you have some analytics in play, where do people then go? Do they read one article and then exit? Do people who land on other pages tend to gravitate towards Writing and then stick?

    People landing on Writing is not a bad thing. You should be happy you have content that people find interesting. The trick here is to adjust your writing style a little to attract the people you want. I don’t think people don’t set out to find a great designer. They set out to find someone who can solve their problem.

    The more you can talk about the problems you’ve solved, the more organic traffic you will pull in. And don’t be afraid to dumb it down / use buzzwords – again, write for your target audience. And whilst on the topic of SEO - you’re owed a wrist slap: no keywords, and your descriptions for the main pages are all the same (& blog posts are just the title).

    Design will help keep people on the site once they land, and get them to where they need to go.

    Firstly, unless the Fusion adverts are making a tonne of cash, I’d consider dropping them in favour of a sizeable “Hire me” call-to-action.

    The Hire Me page is a bit of a dud. The content itself is not lending to getting a conversion. You effectively list three reasons for people not to contact you (rate, availability, legals). And then the actual call to action is just a link to Contact, hidden away at the bottom of the page. You should know from the day-job – more steps == lower conversion.

    I’d think about merging the two, and dropping Rates & Legal. Sure you might get a few “£50 for a logo mate” enquiries, but then you may just land a few more who are on the fence with budgets (I think it’ll need 2 weeks but only have £1500, when in reality what they want only needs 6 or 7 days)

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    • , over 4 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback Ian, much appreciated and good to have a fresh pair of eyes on the site after so long.

      To answer a few questions:

      • People arrive either through organic search or when an article I write is tweeted/linked from somewhere and the average person reads the single page and leaves generally.

      • I'll take a look at the SEO bits, easy enough fix to make I guess. Not sure why I never sorted that!

      • I've removed the contact page and updated the hire me page to be a lot friendlier and with a small contact form on.

      • Dropped the Fusion ads, they cover hosting costs which is a nice but little bonus so I've replaced by clearing up the sidebar and adding a big button for hire me instead


      Really appreciate the input, it's helped clarify a few bits and I guess one of the next bits is to make the design of portfolio pages a little more inspiring.

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  • Abhijit RawoolAbhijit Rawool, over 4 years ago

    This article is a bit old but thought might help you. Check out point nos. 3 and 11. http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/07/09/the-roadmap-to-becoming-a-professional-freelance-web-designer/

    Also it might not be a bad idea to look at other freelance designer's website or wordpress themes for freelance designers for some inspiration.

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