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I have an opportunity to win a small battle by really killing it on the presentation of a website to a client. This must be purely as a deliverable (probably Power Point for client accessibility), I won't be GIVING the presentation. However, making presentations of my/our work is where I tend to fall down. I'm hoping someone can provide some strong examples or resources to find examples for this kind of thing. Thanks!


  • Clark WimberlyClark Wimberly, 6 years ago

    Unfortunately, if you don't get to actually present, things get considerably harder. I'd like to pretend in a modern connected world it's easy to communicate everything about a project in email/mockup/slidedeck— but talking the person through things makes a huuuuuge difference.

    That said, I've found the best approach to be including a slidedeck (or PDF, whatever) and a clickable prototype (I use InVision). As useful as explaining the site is (slidedeck), it doesn't mean a ton without letting the client actually use the thing. And while a clickable, fancy prototype might seem like all the flash you need, it always helps to back it up with a slidedeck full of process explanations.

    To build my decks lately I've been using Deckset, which lets you compile some pretty rad looking slides from a simple markdown file. I used to make some notes and then make some slides, but Deckset lets me turn my notes into slides— much better. It also has PDF export, which makes sending things around pretty easy.

    To build my clickable prototypes, I use InVision. They make it pretty dang easy, you just drag a bunch of screens into the app and link them together with hotzones. You can even redline/note all over each screen, as well as leave comments with a team. Oh yeah, and it does mobile prototypes.

    Use whatever tools you're comfortable with, I guess my takeaway is just to explain your deliverable from more than one angle. It'll go a lonnng way with the client/boss/person that can't digest design and direction as quickly as the rest of the team.

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  • Fabricio Rosa MarquesFabricio Rosa Marques, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    A little addition: Search for courses at skillshare

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  • Christopher CarterChristopher Carter, 6 years ago

    There are a lot of easy ways to display interactions without actually coding. Most agencies don't think to do this, but all clients appreciate knowing what they are buying before they pay.

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