• Luke Murphy-Wearmouth, over 6 years ago

    ... and it actually looks quite nice. They even invited Adobe to the stage to talk about the new touch optimised version of Photoshop for Windows, which looks pretty nice.

    Not ready to switch yet, but I'm happy to see some competition. Also, the fact that the touch screen and pen are both created by Wacom (not really publicised, that) makes me want to play with it more.

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    • Dan LDan L, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

      The Surface Pro 2 has a Wacom digitizer. The Surface Pro 3 has switched to an N-Trig digitizer. SP2 has 1024 levels of pressure and a battery-less stylus. The SP3 has 256 pressure levels and a battery operated stylus.

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