Ask DN: Is Sketch adding useless meta tags to SVGs?

over 6 years ago from , Freelance UX Designer

A front end developer I work with, was a bit grumpy because the SVGs I exported for him with Sketch, contained "useless meta tags" in his opinion. He mentioned, the meta tags make no sense and just blow up the filesize.

Is he right, or just wrong? I was confused about that and thought you might know the answer. Thanks!


  • Maciej ZadykowiczMaciej Zadykowicz, over 6 years ago

    He's right. I'm running all SVG's both Sketch or Illustrator with SVGO to remove the bloat.

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  • Clark WimberlyClark Wimberly, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

    To be fair, Adobe Illustrator drops meta in, too. Like so:

    <!-- Generator: Adobe Illustrator 17.1.0, SVG Export Plug-In . SVG Version: 6.00 Build 0) -->

    Ask your front-end dev which vector program he's been using that doesn't include meta tags- I'd like to know...

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  • Fran PérezFran Pérez, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

    Probably these:

    <title></title> <description>Created with Sketch Beta.</description> <defs></defs>

    And this:


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    • Chris Lüders, over 6 years ago

      Yea, right.

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    • Brendan SaundersBrendan Saunders, over 6 years ago

      I replied to someone else as to the purpose of these "extra tags".

      is used for telling your SVG not to render items, you can later display them by utilizing a tag. Chris Coyier (of course) does a great job explaining a use-case for this: http://css-tricks.com/svg-sprites-use-better-icon-fonts/

      Not sure why they export with the custom xmlns, perhaps tracking purposes? That url just goes to a page not found.

      As far as why they export with defs, perhaps they plan in using it in the future? Like a way to export SVG icon sprites?? (That'd be pretty sweet!)

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