Ask DN: Do 'perfectionists' make good designers?

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After listening to the highly opinionated Gary Vaynerchuck for so long, I've started question myself about how I approach my work. I'm a self-confessed 'perfectionist' and struggle to complete personally projects, as I strife for something that doesn't exist. That being perfection and the perfect work.

I suppose it's a case of "Just get it done", yet sometimes I feel like I'm doing myself an injustice, where I leave a project always regretting something. Is this normal?

So the question is... Does anyone else suffer this OCD mentality of striving for perfection?

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  • Mike MellorMike Mellor, 6 years ago

    I'm exactly the same, but that's what makes us designers. Striving for perfection is what we should be doing but it should be done in iterations, you get nothing perfect the first time.

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