What are some examples of good HTML5 mobile apps?

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I've heard about PhoneGap and HTML5 offline APIs, but haven't actually used a good mobile app based on them.

Is it too early?


  • Brock WhittenBrock Whitten, over 7 years ago

    You might want to sit down before reading this.

    You have used MANY amazing HTML5 mobile applications but you just don't know it. Ever used Uber or Instagram? Yeah, they are both hybrid mobile web applications that either use Apache Cordova or a homegrown equivalent. Need Proof?

    Uber runs at m.uber.com and as far as I know, this IS what the native application loads. Go ahead and order a ride!

    Instagram takes a similar approach but unfortunately I don't know what their URL is. However, here is an image of the application when the web server returns an error. You can see exactly what parts are native and what parts are web. Props to @kennethormady for snagging the shot.

    Instagram Web View

    This is approach is actually more common that you may think its just that the well known apps are wise enough not to disclose that they use HTML5 to render their application because it is extremely common for people to use Confirmation Bias when it comes to evaluating the quality of HTML5 based applications.

    Take a look at the this blog post attempting to expose the advantages of Hybrid vs Native which not only uses Instagram as an example of a Native app but it is specifically used as a example of a GREAT native app and why you might want the performance and smoothness of Native. This is somewhat hilarious, because it is in fact a hybrid application that uses a web view to render all of its content. (FWIW - I think its a great article, not knocking it.)

    I hear it all the time "I always know when the application is not native" you may have even spoken these words yourself, which I would reply "If you ever DID unknowingly use an HTML5 app thinking it was native, how would you know you didn't know?"

    To be clear, there are significant challenges using mobile web views. It's no picnic. But if you are a proficient web developer you probably want to give it serious consideration before you venture into the multiple code base shit show that is native. Thats my 2 cents.

    Full disclosure: I co-created PhoneGap/Cordova.

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  • Josefo JoaquimJosefo Joaquim, 7 years ago

    Thank you

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  • mewo a, over 7 years ago

    I don't have specific examples but things like Ionic framework combined with Angular are looking pretty promising.

    http://ionicframework.com/ I've played around with it but haven't yet had a need to use it for anything. Theres a showcase of apps build with it here http://showcase.ionicframework.com/

    Hope that helps.

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  • Deena LewisDeena Lewis, over 4 years ago

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  • Diego Dotta, over 5 years ago

    2 years ago maybe, but nowadays you can find many hybrid apps. I'm creating one using Ionic. Actually, it's a platform to help people to overcome shyness and social anxiety. http://youper.co

    The up point is to build an app with a very small team for iOS and Android. If you need some help, just ask.

    Diego Dotta - Youper Co-Founder

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  • Tom WoodTom Wood, over 7 years ago

    That HTML weather app..

    This: http://pattern.dk/sun/

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