GIANT Conference & Mob Mentality

over 7 years ago from , Designer at Shopify

I want to spark a bit of a discussion here, because over the last hour we've seen some pretty hefty tweets:


and are as of now still awaiting the official word from the conference (though in the mean time some have spoken out in support of @GiantConf).


The industry has problems. They are for the most part clear and while we're making progress I think everyone is in agreement that we have quite a ways to go.

Yet, the way this whole ordeal has unfolded over the last hour or so has left me with a bit of a sick feeling in my stomach. At first, it was because I read the accusations and immediately felt disgusted. Not long after I started seeing contradictory tweets pop up and I find myself glad that I didn't jump the gun and take any swings when I am in no position to know. I'd feel terrible levying such a heavy and poisonous accusation upon someone and finding out later it was untrue.

Obviously, the subject matter is incredibly meaningful and on a broader scale has been for many many years, but I really hope that in the near future we can get to a point where people would wait for the whole story before the discussion devolves into what we've seen today.

If the industry is going to fix itself, and many people are trying, playing blind whack-a-mole just seems insane and counter-productive.

Regardless of the outcome of this debacle, or any future ones that may occur, I hope people approach it with a little more level-headedness. I figured this would be a good place to get this off my chest, and hopefully spark a little bit of meaningful discussion that Twitter just doesn't seem to be able to facilitate today.

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