I'm a WWDC scholarship recipient looking for client work.

7 years ago from , literally just vibin'

I was extremely fortunate enough to receive a ticket to attend WWDC through Apple's student scholarship. I'm in a tight situation as far as transportation is concerned, so I'm looking for some client work to help fund my trip. Here's my portfolio if anyone's interested - http://joek.dunked.com



  • Alaxic SmithAlaxic Smith, almost 7 years ago


    I don't have any client for you to do, but I've got a suggestion on how you can save money on airfare. You should definitely use Priceline's Name Your Own Price tool. You save hundreds on airfare, sometimes the deals are unreal. For example, I booked a flight from SFO -> DFW and I got a roundtrip for a little under $200, when the listed prices were well above $400. It's a great tool that I use every time I fly anyway just to save money because why not?

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    • Joe KennedyJoe Kennedy, almost 7 years ago

      Already booked a flight, but thanks for that bit of info! I'll definitely use this the next time I plan a trip.

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