I want to design products that make people better at what they do.

almost 9 years ago from , UX/Visual Designer @ Upsight

Please respond, "what type of product will better your life and enable you to be a better version of yourself?" I have the desire to work on a product idea that improves your life, not just something that is visually pleasing I can show off to my designer friends. I want to identify the fault line in our most commonly used products and work on something meaningful.


  • Jason BeatonJason Beaton, almost 9 years ago

    I think a meaningful approach would be to think of somethings you do everyday, and why you do them. For instance, this product http://kck.st/1lorSss , combined storage and measuring into one fluid action. A time saver, but more-so convenient. If you're thinking of apps, maybe consider your top 3 favorite apps, and see what it is that keeps you coming back to use it. Is it that helpful? Could it be better? Running through thoughts like those and writing them down will usually give me a few of those "ah ha!" moments.

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    • Victoria Artz, over 8 years ago

      These are great questions, thanks! I've been getting in the habit of writing down my random thoughts, it's actually very useful in understanding myself better and focus on what interests me.

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  • Diego LafuenteDiego Lafuente, almost 9 years ago

    It's hard to answer that. I feel my life right now is overwhelmed with so many thing that I feel skeptical about welcoming a new thing.

    My last itch was Illustrator. Working everyday with Illustrator was a pain, now that Sketch is out, this thing improved it. But new products, I don't know, mate.

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    • Victoria Artz, over 8 years ago

      I totally understand. There's just so much out there! Would you find an app useful that helps you focus on only the things you are interested in and weed out the noise?

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