• Coulter PattonCoulter Patton, 6 years ago

    Yeah, most (if not all) of these freelance marketplaces are bottom of the barrel. 9 times out of 10 people are shopping on price, or asking for more work than they can afford, knowing someone will likely take it.

    You're better off taking the time to target specific markets and pitch strategically. That's been my experience, at least.

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  • Catalin CimpanuCatalin Cimpanu, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    I'm sorry for the guy.... but he should have learned to use Google before investing into a freelancing career.

    First result in Google for "freelance.com scam" http://lisaamartin.wordpress.com/2010/02/24/the-trouble-with-freelancer-com/

    First result in Google for "freelance.com review" (The CONS list is exactly what he happened to him) http://www.highya.com/freelancer-com-reviews

    And there are more links about similar cases.

    He's totally right when he says:

    What you see here is a common tactic freelancer.com will do in public. They pretend to resolve the issue in private, hoping to shut you up in public, only to continue the run around in private, offering absolutely no solution.

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    • Eduardo NunesEduardo Nunes, 6 years ago

      I see your point, but I don't really get how him clearly being a fraud victim could be his fault. Freelancer.com is a supposedly legitimate service, after all, and if they're not complying with their own TOS, I understand his frustration, and think he has a right to demand justice. Don't get me wrong, I know that was not the point you were making, but I feel like that sort of statement can come across as some sort of legitimation of the offender's actions. Kind of like when, after this, some people started slamming the designer for working without demanding a signed contract first — he should have, of course, but that's just the subplot in a much larger, and more important matter: that the studio deemed the designer's ideas worthy of being used, but not paid for.

      Having read this guy's story, I not only feel bad for him, I also feel angered at Freelancer.com — and the fact that there may be more designers in the same situation makes it worse for them, but does nothing to diminish the guy's argument: his frustration is still 100% justified.

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      • Annoyed NonIndian, 2 years ago

        The problem is Freelancer like all the others DO NOT adhere to their own terms and conditions, but engage in immediate spin and PR damage control. Their problems are simple and obvious- too many fake, fraudulent and incompetent "freelancers", too many deadbeat clients. No real teeth to enforce compliance for either side. But hey, they're all potential commissions, and morals and ethics don't pay the server bills, hey?

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  • Philip AmourPhilip Amour, 6 years ago

    That's ridiculous, I asked them to cancel my account.

    A long time ago, I used to "try to work" on oDesk which only got me some low-budget and spec work. On those kind of sites, the legitimate, experienced designers/developers that do great high-quality job get outbided by Indian and other Eastern people that charge ten times less and do shitty job.

    The only good experience was a client that contacted me on his own and we worked outside of the site. The only issue I had was with paypal when my payment was held and I was required to send them a password and notarized letter from my bank. Then the limits were fortunately lifted.

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  • Tom WoodTom Wood, 6 years ago

    That is pretty shocking - his personal circumstances are so awful too, that this story becomes extra painful to read.

    In my experience I can however shout out about People Per Hour. Sure, I've never worked on a $5k project, so can vouch for that, but will say that everything else about their service (including personal customer service) is superb compared to this.

    However to say that he should've googled them before using them (for horror stories) is harsh.

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  • Gabriel BrodersenGabriel Brodersen, 6 years ago

    I feel so really sad for this guy.

    Never gonna use freelancer.com after this.

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  • Kave Rave, 2 years ago



    This guy is a scammer. He has no knowledge of graphic design and when he did trash on my work he said do as you will.

    He took my money and never did my work.

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  • Marius Breaza, 3 years ago

    Freelancer com=SCAM

    hello my friends. i hope you are doing great. from personal experience, just recently i have hard times with Freelancer com

    they won’t give me my money that i worked for in a valid contest. they have to give me 166GBP. but they are scam, they told me that the contest was closed to protect me as a user. this has no relevance or logic..

    short story: i have entered in a contest, with prize 500GBP to create design for an employer. the contest was GUARANTEED (this is a safety measure to guarantee us the freelancers that the money will be paid to us, for sure, meaning the prize wil be awarded 100% even if the employer does not decide a winning design). i have uploaded many valid entries, me and other freelancers. the contest holder (employer) had 14days to decide the winning design, but unfortunately he did not pick one. so the prize must be splitted between the active entries. meaning me and 2 other freelancers had active entries for the contest. i have talked with one of the support team and assured me that the money will be splitted in 3, after another 14 days. it has been passed these 14 days, and yesterday when i wait my part of the share 166.66GBP, i see the contest deleted and no money in the account.

    their explanation: “We understand your concern on this contest. However, it is better to remove the contest that will cause liabilities to users and to us even if the contest is Guaranteed. We are protecting users from this kind of contest as it will create issues in the future.”


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  • Chris W, over 4 years ago

    I took their basic numeracy skills test so I could add something else to my profile to show to prospective clients. Their tests - or at least the ones I looked at - cost $5.00 plus a processing fee of around $0.42. Here's an actual question exactly as it appeared on the test I took: "John eat 2 pieces of apples a day. Now, is Thursday, but he remembered the his apples left after eating apples during Monday are 30 pieces after that, he gave the half of all his apples to her daughter. How many apples left, if today is Friday after eating the two pieces of apples?"

    At least three other questions on the test had issues, such as multiple correct answers or no correct answer. Needless to say, this is completely unprofessional, especially considering these are paid tests. How can I showcase my skills to prospective clients with a test like this? After the test was completed, there was an option to add more questions to the test. It looks like they don't even verify new questions for accuracy.

    I contacted customer support and 4 days later I was told they do not refund the exam fees. Instead, they offered to let me take another exam for free and they offered me one free month of the lowest paid membership option. First, there's no way I'm ever taking another exam for that site, free or not. Second, because of the exam that I did take I was already eligible for one free month of a higher-level paid membership, so offering me the lowest one is completely pointless.

    Based on this experience and the countless other reviews I've read about this site, I just decided to cut my losses and run. I advise you all to avoid this shady site.

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  • Nice ShoesNice Shoes, 6 years ago

    Shameful. Not sure what freelancer.com have to gain for their appalling antics.

    Plus it's 2014! Any site that prevents you from closing your account in the settings has no regard for their customers. Same shoddy tactics a mobile network employs – praying on the weak willed.

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  • zz snore, 1 year ago

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  • Annoyed NonIndian, 2 years ago

    My main gripe with Freelancer.com is its woeful accreditation and utter lack of common sense basis. The questions are dreadful. Many are poorly worded. Worst is for graphic designers. No serious designer has used Photoshop or Adobe CS6 for years and have ongoing CC subscriptions. Yet, there is no accreditation for CC BUT lo and behold: ubiquitous pirated 3rd-World $1 USD/DVD CS6 Suite has accreditation. But not to worry, as soon as CC Accreditation is available a certain curry-loving nation will pirate it, and of course, plaster the answers to CC accreditation all over the internet. Thousands of Freeelancer profiles with dubiously perfect UK/US English skills, strangely not shared by telemarketers from same geographic region and even city- I know, I asked the chatty, lonely ones. I don't blame them, they need money too, and it and honesty is scarcer than hen's teeth globally right now, it's the system that is faulty. And not just Freelancer, the other players are sub par as well. In consequence to this poorly executed accreditation and widespread "internet enhanced accreditation capability": the truly able and competent are forced into direct competition to those who are patently not, and against those who may be brilliant at SQL, Java etc. into direct competition with those seeking solely graphic design, academic/scholastic English, copyrighting or whatever the case may be. That's not the way it' supposed to be. The system is unfair on both potential freelancer and client. Clients may get substandard work- which then puts them off the platform and similar sites. Fantastic freelancers may lose hope after being overlooked for cheaper and less competent competition. Thus, a vicious self-perpetuating race-to-the-bottom begins. I'm sure that was never the intention of the initiators.

    After failing accreditation, I months later found the secret to the high-scoring 90-100% English 3, SQL 3 Java 3, etc. not a single error super stars: the answers were widely available on the internet. I later found out through a very cursory search there are even for-profit sites offering Skyped cheating as you sit your exam. For Freelancer and competitor sites. Credit card Approved. Unbelievable! When I was listed, I naively and perhaps stupidly, legitimately tried gaining accreditation based on merit and ability before, having stumbled through one mangled English question after another, realized something was fishy. I failed my native language English 1 Accreditation. In the face of holding a postgraduate (alma mater was that nations' largest university (also a solely English speaking nation- reader may guess between Canada, NZ or Australia), gigging as a research assistant to professors, exam marker and undergraduate coursework marker during uni years, PhD research assistant, and actually being published.

    A lot of cheap customers too- some no payers- but when you're skint coke, beggars can't be choosers, eh?

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  • Michal Sobieski, over 3 years ago

    My warning is: being on contest's site of freelancer.com dont believe the numbers of entries/bids if it is 0. I was cheated twice. I saw a zero so I created an entry - couple of time of work, when I was uploading the number was much larger so I was disappointed. Do they upload in the mean time? no - I checked it - other contests with 0 had the same trap! fck!

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  • visual comando, almost 5 years ago
    • Freelancer.com - the BIG SCAM - This video shows how Freelancer.com will smoke away your money - be careful with this site -


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    • Steve Freelancer, almost 4 years ago

      I have had it with freelancer.com. I am over the scams, the taking of my money, the poor service. I am over it all.

      So I set up a petition to NASA to get them to cut ties with freelancer.com. Hopefully if enough people sign it, they will and that will shake up freelancer.com (I doubt it though!!!! They seem to be beyond repair!!)

      Anyway, please sign it, share it, support it. You know the drill. Thanks.


      Ps sorry if you see this cut and pasted on other posts, I want to get this message out super duper quick and as far as possible. Cut and paste saves me time!! Pss Please help spread the word!!

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