Ask DN: Any advice on starting your own company out and becoming a more business minded designer?

almost 7 years ago from , Designer + Developer

Hey DN,

I hope everyone had a nice easter!

So I've spent 5 years working for pretty good design studios and the last year freelancing/working for myself on smaller projects. Recently a good friend and I have decided to go legit and stop working/speaking about ourselves as freelancers.

So we're on the look out for good business advice.

I was inspired by David Barker's post about never lowering your rate and it's something we do often, not to get the job over someone else but more because our clients tend to be small startups themselves. http://planscope.io/blog/never-negotiate-freelance-rate/

I've also re-reading "How to be a designer with losing your soul" which was one of the best pieces of advice I read when starting out a junior designer.