Ask DN : List of Sketch 3 bugs

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Sketch 3 is nice , but it is also filled with bugs. Like for example : 1 . Background Blur is not working 2. Distribute Horizontally and Vertically is also not working not at all.

So all I am asking DN users is to post their Sketch 3 bugs here , so that Bohemian people can rectify them asap


  • Tisho GeorgievTisho Georgiev, 6 years ago

    Background Blur does work, just not the way it used to. Changing the opacity of the layer won't make the background blur anymore, but changing the opacity of the fill will.

    BTW, both ways of distributing you mention are working for me. You might want to elaborate on the exact issues you're having.

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  • Tor Løvskogen BollingmoTor Løvskogen Bollingmo, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    I'm actually a bit pissed at Bohemian because I did record bugs and submitted them to their tracker. Now they've changed tracker to Desk.com and wiped all my feedback and submitted bugs. I asked if I could get to them – but nope. Kinda sucks putting in work and being helpful only to get shut off like that.

    That said I still send feedback and bugs in Sketch 3.

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  • Justin WhiteJustin White, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    Sketch — 3.2.2

    Issues with Exclude Text From Symbol

    I deleted text from a symbol I had duplicated several times Using the Exclude text from symbol feature.

    Whatever I did, ALL the symbols changed to say “Audio” - Which is what I was typing in the new symbol.

    I accidentally moved the background layer of the symbol and and committed the change to all the other symbols by clicking outside of it.

    I noticed it updated the position across all the symbols, and when I tried to undo, it applied the text last used to ALL the symbols. Loosing all the notes I add to each of the symbols

    I may have done on of the following… -I used CMD+Z to undo a typo and hit return -I copy and pasted something and hit return -I pasted text that wasn't part of the symbol into the text marked “exclude from symbol”

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  • Michael LeeMichael Lee, 6 years ago

    Everything works great for me except one thing, I don't see the preset artboards and it won't let me save any artboards. Is anyone else dealing with this bug?

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  • Bruce Vang, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    When changing "Show Grids" and "Show Layout" they'll sometimes do the opposite. Show Grid will Show Layout instead.

    Create a symbol, make copies of it everywhere, and then turn one into a bitmap. All symbols of that instance is now deleted because that one symbol turned into a bitmap image.

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  • Ian De DobbelaereIan De Dobbelaere, 6 years ago

    If i try to import .ESP files my Sketch Freezes and i need to Force Quit it. I work on a mid 2012 Macbook Pro

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  • Stephen GraceStephen Grace, 6 years ago

    When I save a document in Sketch 3 and try to reopen it, I get an error telling me the file type isn't supported. Happened across multiple machines for me. Pretty dramatic. Already said goodbye to some hard work spent until I learned what was happening. Disappointed it's started this way.

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  • Mathieu MayerMathieu Mayer, 6 years ago

    When I select an object, there's no border or any trace of UI showing that I can resize or move that object. It's really annoying.

    Until it's fixed, I unfortunately have to stick with Sketch 2.

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  • Weston VierreggerWeston Vierregger, 6 years ago

    Tried using Sketch 3 for the first time the other day. Whenever I create a shape, it freezes. Retina MBP, from this Winter, dual-monitored with a non-retina screen (in case that matters).

    Draw 1 shape, unrecoverable freeze.

    And, while I'm writing a gripe or two, anyone have a favorite way to draw or literally "sketch" in Sketch? Illustrator has an awesome "blob" brush and pretty decent pressure-sensitive features for my Wacom, but does Sketch? I'd love to know if Sketch can do pressure-sensitive drawing...

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    • Conlin "Wuz" DurbinConlin "Wuz" Durbin, 6 years ago

      Drawing: That's not really the point of Sketch. As far as I know, it was built to provide the tools for interface and interaction design. They never looked to replace all the features of Illustrator or Photoshop, but instead focused on a Unix like philosophy of do one thing well.

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      • Weston VierreggerWeston Vierregger, 6 years ago

        And that one thing it DOES do well! I was just hoping I could doodle in Sketch, too. :) Maybe one day...

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  • Arjan KingraArjan Kingra, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    Background Blur has some issues as you have already mentioned

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  • [deleted] , 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

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