• Jamie MartinJamie Martin, 6 years ago

    Hire the old drop.io people and then acquire Box so they can be DropDropBoxBox

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  • Jason BeatonJason Beaton, 6 years ago


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  • Jason MJason M, 6 years ago

    Google Drive

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  • Sarper Erel, 6 years ago

    They should hire Dick Cheney, first.

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  • Ryan RushingRyan Rushing, 6 years ago

    Some password syncing service to compete with iCloud Keychain. (1Password, LastPass, Passpack, etc.)

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    • Yifan JinYifan Jin, 6 years ago

      That's the last thing I want Dropbox to acquire, especially with the recent Condoleezza Rice controversy. That aside, what would be the goal for Dropbox? People don't upload passwords and it wouldn't enhance anything Dropbox has right now.

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      • Ryan RushingRyan Rushing, 6 years ago

        It seems Dropbox solves problems common to people with several devices/computers. Obviously the base functionality of sharing any file and the new(er) functionality of syncing Camera Uploads and Screenshots is about mirroring setups/systems. I figure the next logical problem for Dropbox to tackle is syncing passwords to further match setups.

        That said, I love 1Password, so I hope they stay away from them. :)

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  • jj moijj moi, 6 years ago


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  • Robert PalmerRobert Palmer, 6 years ago

    Sync.com. A fully-encrypted, zero-knowledge Dropbox? Yes please.

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  • Ian De DobbelaereIan De Dobbelaere, 6 years ago


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