Reminder: Solve problems instead of posting pixels

7 years ago from , designer/developer at brandymint.com

Inspired by great article from the past http://insideintercom.io/the-dribbblisation-of-design/

Wearable UI concepts replaced weather apps shots on dribble. New trends, same situation. I understand that desire to design next big thing. Please, be stronger and smarter and make something useful. Test early dirty prototypes and refine them. If you've got spare time, help people nearby. Design for government services, education, non-profit.


  • Jake PetersonJake Peterson, 7 years ago

    it's because photoshop isn't responsive enough. #photoshopkiller

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    • Sasha MSasha M, 7 years ago

      it's because everyone wants to become a great designer without doing dirty work

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  • Madison MayMadison May, 7 years ago

    This, a thousand times over. Today the aesthetic portion of design is emphasized too often, while in reality it represents such a small portion of the design process.

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