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Hey there,

My name is Carly Wall. I'm a designer who is obsessed with great typography, the ever changing design trends, and all things digital.

I love what I do, and each day I am led by passion to create great work. I am obsessed with web design, and love taking wireframes and turning them into pixel perfect mockups.

I'd appreciate if anyone could take a look at my work: carlybwall.com, and feel free to send some creative criticism my way. I'm currently trying to switch over to freelancing full time, so I just wanted to poke around and see if anyone had any pending client work out there that they’d like to pass along.

Cheers, Carly


  • Tristen BrownTristen Brown, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

    Hey - nice work! My only comment would be the gold keyline you use around any dark navy fills could be stronger or dropped completely. The contrast between the two colors gives any container a fuzzy feel.

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  • Anne Buchan, over 6 years ago

    Really awesome work and gal ;)

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  • Tom WoodTom Wood, over 6 years ago

    Hi Carly,

    your site is so nice. So crisp and professional - immediately made me want to explore it. Good job on limiting it to 3 main sections.

    A couple of things I noticed. The "Featured" image should definitely click through to the piece itself. There is a hover effect on the showcase images for each project - the opacity seems to change. Makes you think there is the option to click on each image, but nothing happens. I would consider removing the hover effect.

    Brave opening post - perhaps something we should encourage. I really liked your tone and go get 'em attitude!


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  • Adham DannawayAdham Dannaway, over 6 years ago

    Great work on your portfolio, clean and simple. Would be nice to see more detail in your work case studies though. Also might be nice to be able to click on a "next" button to be able to go through all of your work without having to keep clicking on the "work" link in the top nav. Nice work though :-)

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  • Andrew Nascimento, over 6 years ago

    What are you using to make your nav respond like that on your mobile size? I really really like that.

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  • Sean HealeySean Healey, over 6 years ago

    Clean stuff! PS, you've got some good music on there :) Check out my clothing brand from NJ! Still version like 0.5 but she's getting there. www.kidradapparel.com

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  • Chetan Raj, over 6 years ago

    Hello Carly, Welcome !

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  • Ari ZilnikAri Zilnik, over 6 years ago

    Hey Carly, welcome to the community. Let me know if you want to go through a review together.


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  • David BlumDavid Blum, over 6 years ago

    Hi Carly. Welcome and good luck with the full time freelancing.


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  • Nuno Coelho Santos, over 6 years ago

    Welcome to DN Carly, what a heart-warming intro.

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  • Tor Løvskogen BollingmoTor Løvskogen Bollingmo, over 6 years ago

    The black backdrop for your site lessens the elegant airy look of your gold / white site design by boxing it in. Regarding the case studies I (would) think people looking for designer would be more impressed with seeing your designs in full resolution and with added emphasis on details in the design. A good example of this is how Haraldur Thorleifsson does it: haraldurthorleifsson.com/googleplus/

    Welcome to DN!

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  • Isaac Paavola, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

    You do good work and have the mentality to do great work, happy to have you here!

    Sooo the site is a nice showcase, but the latest work feature image should be a link to that project page, and the bronze outline on your projects and the body isn't working well against the dark background, probably would be better off without it, a way to navigate between projects would be nice, and just a little more info about each one (including your role in it) would be helpful.

    And just a relevant opinion of mine here, I'd like portfolios that only have a logo thumbnail to give me a better idea of what's in it before I click, something that tells me if it's a website, an app, print design, etc.

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  • Michael LeeMichael Lee, over 6 years ago

    Welcome! I really like your work.

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  • muhammad usmanmuhammad usman, over 6 years ago

    welcome and nice design work!

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  • Luchia BloomfieldLuchia Bloomfield, over 6 years ago

    Beautiful work, Carly.

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  • Owais FarooqiOwais Farooqi, over 6 years ago

    Welcome to DN mate.

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  • Laurie CaiLaurie Cai, over 6 years ago

    So clean! Welcome to DN.

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  • Felix GladwellFelix Gladwell, over 6 years ago

    Welcome Carly!

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  • Jared KleinJared Klein, over 6 years ago

    Nice portfolio and I like your clean style. Welcome to DN Carly!

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