Where to find good UX research?

almost 7 years ago from , UX Designer

As a student I have found it moderately difficult to find abstract usability research (beyond the Nielsen Norman group–that's beyond my budget). Can anyone recommend a site or book that has aggregated research?


  • Paul MistPaul Mist, almost 7 years ago

    While slightly mis-aligned with your question Psychology for Designers is a great little book featuring some good direction for finding and using research documents.


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  • David IngledowDavid Ingledow, almost 7 years ago

    ACM Digital Library has tons of research papers – I can't recommend this enough! Google Scholar isn't a bad resource either. The ACM DL allows for you to login via your institution/university network login details. Reply back on here if you need a hand.

    I'm also working on a community website for Research Through Design Conference in 2015, but they had a great two-track conference last year at the Baltic in Newcastle upon Tyne. You should Google search 'Praxis and Poetics 2013' and try and hunt out any papers – there's links with the best people in Interaction Design as well as Microsoft Research in Cambridge. Keep an eye out for the RTD 2015 website where we'll have a community of design researchers openly discussing their research, which could be a really valuable tool for students to be part of an open discussion on design theory, research and practice.

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    • Emilie Thaler, almost 7 years ago

      Thank you, this is exactly the type of thing I was looking for! I'll keep an eye out for the Research Through Design 2015 Conference, that sounds right up my alley.

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  • Vladislav ArbatovVladislav Arbatov, almost 7 years ago

    Emilie, mail me at mail@vladislav.tv, I'll send you some peace of research back. Since you are a student ;-)

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