Announcing the Flat Design Conference

over 8 years ago from , Creator at Sidebar

We're proud to announce the first international Flat Design Conference, April 1st 2013 in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

At last, we'll reveal the secrets of the new design movement that's taking the digital world by storm!

Come see famous designers speak on topics such as:

  • Rounded Corners: Are They Flat Enough?
  • 10 Photoshop Tips For Not Using Shadows
  • A Preview of Sketch 3's Flat-Design-Specific Features
  • 2003-2013: The Lost Decade of Webdesign
  • Gradients: Harmless Cruft or Dangerous Artefacts of the Past?

Feel free to submit your own topics here :)

(thanks to @gannonburgett for the idea!)