Cool design-y things to see and do in Tel Aviv?

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Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys have any tips on what to do or see if you were a young designer in Tel Aviv for a week? (With no experience of the culture whatsoever apart from a half-jewish girlfriend..)


  • Nitzan RonNitzan Ron, 7 years ago

    Hey, I'm from Tel-Aviv.

    There aren't a lot of design-y things, but there are some really amazing modern art galleries and museums if you like, here are some of them: Helena Rubinstein, Sommer, Braverman, Julie M., Inga, Tel Aviv Museum... and more! Also, there are some beautiful areas you could walk around, like Neve-Zedek and Jaffa.

    http://unlike.net/tel-aviv - They have some nice recommendations here, and if you think about anything else I can help as well (:

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  • Alex HagueAlex Hague, 7 years ago

    Tel Aviv has thousands of buildings in the Bauhaus style:


    If you're there on a Friday morning, I'd recommend the walking tour:


    It was fascinating to see how they've been modified and lived in over the years.

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