Ask DN: As a designer what iOS apps do you use daily?

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Every few months I look at my home screen on my phone and realize I don't use a few of those apps anymore. Or i find myself continually swiping over to an app that should be on my home page (without realizing it).

What apps do you have on your home screen / use on a daily basis?


  • Evan KimiaEvan Kimia, almost 5 years ago

    Mailbox - I love how it reminds me of emails Groove - One of the few souls who still has a ton of music on their phone. Groove is a great way to rediscover forgotten tunes. Transportation: Google Maps (for everything). Lyft and Uber X in SF Grooveshark mobile site - to listen to music I dont have on my phone Photowonder - my fav photo editor venmo - Paying With Friends Eventbrite - to see whats going on. I feel like its used more in SF? Airendipity - it's like PostSecret re-imagined with paper planes. Silkscreen- essential if you do iOs design work

    and Appkick, an app I have been working on to share apps with your friends and see what theyve been sharing. Temp site is over at and the designs have been trickling out over on dribble at:


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  • Jenni LederJenni Leder, almost 5 years ago

    Skala View - for looking at my mobile UI designs on a device Rdio - I don't keep any music on my phone to save space (I take alot of photos) Dribbble - This is really a direct link to the website (I used the save to homescreen on iphone safari) Pop app - for quick prototyping using my phone

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  • Joe BarberJoe Barber, almost 5 years ago

    Tweetbot - duh Netbot - Mailbox - Looove that it forces you to take action on each email Pulse - The best way to consume news Skala View- For testing iOS Designs Takspaper - The greatest .txt based todo list ever. (The OSX client is better than iOS, but it syncs well)

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  • Mark StuckertMark Stuckert, almost 5 years ago

    —The Verge —Pudding Monsters —Clear —Alien Blue —Polygon (just a Safari link) —Chrome —Wunderlist —Day One —iA Writer

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  • Atakan SeçkinAtakan Seçkin, almost 5 years ago

    Clear Whatsapp Tweetbot Facebook Sparrow Toshl Pocket Instashare Evernote Chrome

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  • Christian DalonzoChristian Dalonzo, almost 5 years ago

    Tweetbot Stream Dropbox Instagram Path Facebook Skala Silkscreen TestFlight Mailbox Rdio Kickoff GitHub Fantastical 1Password

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  • Thom WeerdThom Weerd, almost 5 years ago
    • Clear
    • Skala
    • Tweetbot
    • StatNut
    • Mailbox
    • Reeder
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  • Kamil KhadeyevKamil Khadeyev, almost 5 years ago

    Pinterest — for daily does of illustration inspiration MindNode (+Mac) — for drafting out ideas for the projects/blog posts AwesomeNote — for taking various notes and quotes from books Things (+Mac) — for ToDo's Reeder — for RSS Readability — for reading articles

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  • Jake KwaschnefskiJake Kwaschnefski, almost 5 years ago

    Mailbox Ballpark Tweetbot Clear Wunderlist Droplr Dropbox Skala Seesaw

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  • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, almost 5 years ago

    Skala View (with Skala Preview) Soulver (Although I use the Mac version more often) 1Password (+ Mac app) Dropbox (+ Mac app) Byword Tweetbot (+ Mac app) Riposte

    I probably should take a look at Kickoff.

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  • Tierney CyrenTierney Cyren, almost 5 years ago

    Tentr (, Drafts, Grooveshark (jailbroken; Rdio and Spotify provide much better experiences than GS), YouTube, Chrome, Mango IRC, Gmail, Ecoute (music app; phenomenal), TestFlight, and Readability.

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  • Bryan ClarkBryan Clark, almost 5 years ago

    XScope & Skala View to preview on-device OmniFocus to keep track of details to correct in designs & prototypes Kickoff (in beta, but WOW it's awesome) to communicate with our team

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  • Coleman TharpColeman Tharp, almost 5 years ago

    Skala View, Rdio, Tweetbot, Clear, Fantastical and Dropbox.

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  • Carlos HermosilloCarlos Hermosillo, almost 5 years ago

    —For photo editing: PhotoToaster —For typography on photography: Phonto

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  • Liang ShiLiang Shi, almost 5 years ago

    Lift, Gmail, Foursquare, Sunrise, Mr Mood, any.DO, Google Maps, Instagram, Twitter, Notes by Squarespace, Evernote, Pocket

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  • Dennis Vries, deDennis Vries, de, almost 5 years ago

    Twitter, Fb, Whatsapp, Mail, Dropbox, Bank Account.

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  • Alexander KäßnerAlexander Käßner, almost 5 years ago

    1 Tweetbot

    2 Mail

    3 Facebook

    4 Things

    5 Instashare

    6 xScope Mirror/Skala View/Silkscreen

    7 500px

    8 Walkie

    9 Transloader

    10 Music

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  • James LaCroixJames LaCroix, almost 5 years ago
    • Tweetbot
    • IA Writer
    • Basecamp
    • Reeder
    • Pocket
    • Rdio
    • Mailbox
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