Freelance Designer: How do you balance on location work and home office?

over 7 years ago from , UX/UI Designer

I just wanted to know how other freelance Designers deal with this problem: I really like having balanced and diversified work over a year. What I prefer is a good mix of larger projects (3 months+) on location and smaller ones working at my personal home office. But I find it hard to make it work. Any other people here how are dealing with the same problem?


  • Justin WoodsJustin Woods, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    I feel like it is one or the other, not really a reasonable expectation to be on site for a client somewhere when you have other clients you need to do work for. The only way I could see that working is if 'offsite' is close to where you work, if you have equipment that can mobilize easily, and if the time on site doesn't take up time that another project will be needing... Most on site contracts I've seen don't pass those requirements.

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    • Ben RegaliBen Regali, 7 years ago

      Thanks Justin. But I wasn't talking about projects at the same time. More like the transition from larger project on location to smaller ones at your home office/studio and vice versa. I find it hard to manage in terms of planning …

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