• Scott RileyScott Riley, 9 years ago

    Just thought I'd chime in with a bit of background on this so you guys know where I was coming from (if you care!):

    It was made as a side–project whilst learning Backbone and Handlebars and trying to play at being a full–stack developer. Thusly, the code behind it is not great. Scratch that. The code is shit.

    That's not to say the idea is superficial, I'd had it for a while, just never the impetus to build it, it's genuinely something I'm happy to have finally made.

    It's never going to change lives, I just want it to be a little boost for people who might be a bit lost or stuck; this industry is, for better and worse, heavily opinionated and there is a LOT to take in, I want Mentor to just be one of those places where you can spend 2 minutes of your day and at least feel like you're not the only one driving yourself crazy.

    Finally, it's only as good as the advice on there, if you've got anything you think could provide a little boost to someone lost in or new to this industry, please submit it!

    This is the first I've written about this, hopefully a little bit of context helps :)

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  • Christina FowlerChristina Fowler, 9 years ago

    Nice :)

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