Ask DN: Sass or SCSS?

over 7 years ago from , Product Designer at Facebook


For those of you that use Sass, do you use the SCSS syntax or the Sass syntax and why?


  • Will MinerWill Miner, over 7 years ago

    SCSS because you can copy and paste CSS into it. Also, I'm typically writing JavaScript at the same time so the syntax is easier to switch between. If you're doing Ruby (or Python) it might be easier with SASS?

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  • Alexander DinerAlexander Diner, over 7 years ago

    SCSS, simply because it more closely resembles actual CSS.

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  • Kelly LawrenceKelly Lawrence, over 7 years ago

    SASS, only because I enjoy not having to type in opening and closing curly brackets and the ending semi-colon's for rules.

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