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  • Tim Gauthier, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    I luanched! I have been working on this project for far too long. Bouncing between countries really kills productivity, not having a workspace for a long part of it also hurts. I built a KirbyCMS back end to replace wordpress, created a proper "back end" for the paying customers to experience the site with, and did all of the design and layout. I'm not much of a JS guy and i wanted to be done quick (much quicker then i ended up being done) so I used Foundations 5. I actually had made the site previously with bootstrap and converted it over in an afternoon, made a huge improvement with that. I have since learned how to further optimize foundations, however I was past the "lock" date last week so I haven't done any of that. I am still partially involved so I will go in and do some followup tweaking etc.

    Learning points, this project got me in a lot over my head, the client was my father, it was much easier to work with him from across the ocean. We had a contract, and I asked lots of questions about what was needed up front, the scope kept expanding because I kept finding out about more systems he was using and expecting to continue using that where not discussed up front. If this had been a client project outside of family (seriously, why do i keep breaking the no work for family rule?) I would have renegotiated the pricing and pushed back a bit more.

    All the content on the site is from the previous generation, I did start coaching on content a bit, but forced myself to stay out of how he runs his business when our ideologies clashed. I did force structure and systematic approaches to pages, it seemed like ever page of content in Wordpress had become bespoke.

    For next time, ask more questions up front, really understand the scope. Make sure I understand the clients communication strategy, and if we are implementing a new direction to really get buy-in. Bring in extra help for the areas I am lacking in, be less afraid to push back on things. Get paid more.

    Honestly, I still feel stuck as a little kid in HS hacking out websites, definitely time to get more serious about this.

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