ASK DN: Your web editor of choice

over 6 years ago from , Designer @ Tweek

As I'm on the brim to commit myself fully to diving into some web development I have this serious although constantly recurring question of what's your favorite web editor? Coda (2), Espresso, Sublime Text 2, Chocolat, etc. Thanks for answering.


  • Dominik SchmidtDominik Schmidt, over 6 years ago

    It's definitly Sublime Text 2! I really love coding with this one. I saw many users including the Espresso Project-File in their .gitignore file on GitHub. So be sure to check it out too. But my choice is Sublime Text 2 because of the plugins and everything. (Will have a look at Espresso soon, too!)

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  • Matt MarriottMatt Marriott, over 6 years ago

    Espresso (Mac) Sublime Text 2 (PC)

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  • Kane RogersKane Rogers, over 6 years ago

    I use iTerm and vim to write all my code. I simply can't find a faster way of manipulating text.

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  • Martin PeaceMartin Peace, over 6 years ago

    Was a huge Espresso fan but Sublime Text 2 changed everything for the better. It feels like "your" text editor. What I mean is that a lot of editors impose a sort of flow and order on how things will be done in that particular editor. Sublime Text 2 feels like youre in control of the entire app.

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  • Paul MederosPaul Mederos, over 6 years ago

    Used to be Coda, then it became a bit too bloated for my liking.

    Currently happy with Sublime 2.

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  • Shawn BorskyShawn Borsky, over 6 years ago

    Sublime Text 2 - Main reason is its super lightweight, its just the right amount of bulk. Many IDEs are just too big, it feels like a huge commitment just to open it like with Coda, Eclipse, etc. Not to mention, the file navigation and little code shortcuts are really great. Things like multiple cursors and bracket matching really speed up my workflow.

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  • Max SchultzMax Schultz, over 6 years ago

    SublimeText 2 with Browser Refresh: http://gcollazo.github.com/BrowserRefresh-Sublime/

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  • Tierney CyrenTierney Cyren, over 6 years ago

    Sublime Text is a wonderful code editor for web development. That said, if you want to use a bleeding-edge HTML, CSS, and JS editor, try out Brackets (http://brackets.io). It's really awesome.

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  • Benjamin Fritz, over 6 years ago

    Thanks so far people.

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  • Dave CDave C, over 6 years ago

    Since I tryed Sublime Text I can't code without it. And if you use Emmet from Zen Coding...

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  • Jake Lazaroff, over 6 years ago

    I used to use Coda, but recently it's been a mixture of Sublime Text 2 and vim.

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  • Jason SilbermanJason Silberman, over 6 years ago

    I have used Coda in the past, but I really think Sublime Text 2 is the best choice out there. (This being on Mac)

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  • Brandon JacobyBrandon Jacoby, over 6 years ago

    Sublime Text 2 for sure! Using it along with LiveReload (http://livereload.com) Is a fantastic combo. :)

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  • Benjamin Fritz, over 6 years ago

    So there's a clear winner. Thanks again, helped a lot!

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