Ask DN: Changing Domains?

over 6 years ago from , WordPress Developer at Saltech Systems

I recently switched from a .org to .io domain. You can read about it here: http://longren.io/changing-domains-org-to-io/

Google doesn't like my .org domain (I think). What should I do about the 301 redirect from .org to .io? Should I remove it and start over with the .io domain and hope google loves me again?

I'd love to hear any advice or experiences. I'm sure someone has gone through this before.


  • Parker MooreParker Moore, over 6 years ago

    Hey Tyler. I recently ran into this the other day myself. I chose to go with 301 Moved Permanently, and I think you should too because your domain has moved from .org to .io, permanently.

    What the 301 will do is tell Google to remove longren.org from the search results and replace it with its .io counterpart. If you setup your redirects such that any url goes to the .io version of that URL, you should see results for your site moved from .org to .io. 302 Temporarily Moved is technically incorrect for this situation and therefore misleading to the search engine. They may penalize you for persistent 302's, but I can't be sure about that.

    You could try a JavaScript redirect, which may avoid the 301, but it's hacky and Google won't pick up on it. To them, longren.org will just be a blank page with some JS magic.

    Lots of great literature about this on the web. Jon Hochman has a great write-up, Moz has a superb guide, and, of course, Google has written about this as well.

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    • Tyler Longren, over 6 years ago

      OK that's awesome then!

      I already have a 301 redirect via htaccess, but wasn't aware that a 301 told search engines to actually remove the old domain from the index. Makes sense though, and that's so awesome.

      Thanks for the tips, and for the great links, too!

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  • Tyler Longren, over 6 years ago

    Anyone have advice? I guess I can always just start off fresh and drop the 301 redirect.

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