Marketing Interactive Media Strategy with the buzz words

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Hey Guys,

I've recently started to teach design and development, like with most courses I have to follow a curriculum set by someone somewhere…

One of the course modules is an Interactive Marketing Campaign, I'm free to teach the class how I see fit and the previous lecturer had clearly come from a marketing background and there is a lot of (excuse me) Bullshit, to be honest.

I wanted to try come up with a project that was more design focused and fun. Can you guys think of a good examples of Media Campaigns that added real value to a brand. I'm try to find some examples for medium to small companies.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on what could be a good focus for a project example or a project idea itself. My front runner at the moment is a line from The Wolf of Wall Street "Sell me this Pen" or I alway also thinking they could promote a hackaton.

Here are some of the outcomes I have to cover: Prepare a marketing strategy Plan advertising campaigns using interactive media Be able to use interactive media tools to create advertising products

An example I like was Nike's Maker app that highlighted a relevant issue while being beautifully designed too — http://nikemakers.com/

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