Where Can I Get Sample Books of Different Paper Types?

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I'm working on a publication design project for school. Anyone know companies I can order paper samples from? So I can compare paper types, thickness, and finishes. Thanks.

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    A good printer will have this for you. If you know who you're going to use to print the project for you, reach out to them... and if you have time schedule a meeting. This way you can talk with them about what you're thinking of... and they can send you paper samples as well as samples of other client's work they have printed to give you a better gauge on how things feel when complete (and it shows how well they execute).

    If you haven't decided yet, don't be shy about reaching out to a couple of different places. Some places can specialize in certain things more than others. Some places will also carry certain papers in stock versus others... thus might be cheaper. Any place can order what you desire... the trick can sometimes be finding the places that have stock of the papers you like to use (or similar)... which will save you $$.

    If this is something your whole class has to do... it might be worth it to try and get everyone on board with using one printer exclusively... this way when you talk to the printers... they know if they win your business, it's not just YOUR business, but a good amount of people.... helping drive the cost down for everyone.

    Good luck.

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