Ask DN: Good Skillshare Classes

7 years ago from , Designer at BrandVerity

I'm currently signed up for Fraser Davidson's Animation (which starts in March) and George Bokhua's on Logo Design, but I'm looking for one that's open now, seeing as how Skillshare sent out a 25% off code for Presidents Day Weekend.

So, what current/live classes are you taking?


  • Michael LoomesMichael Loomes, 7 years ago

    From the 6-7 I've done, the one that sticks out the best was Jessica Hische's 'Lettering for Designers: One Drop Cap Letterform at a Time' class. But I guess it'll depend what you're interested in

    Not sure if referral codes are cool on here, but feel free to save yourself 10 bucks if you haven't signed up before - http://skl.sh/1dAdhmu

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  • David BroderickDavid Broderick, 7 years ago

    A lot of skillshare classes start very basic, so it really depends on your current skillset. That said, I've taken a lot of classes and got something out of most. Here are some of my favs:

    DKNG's poster design class is great (the first one; I can't speak for the second one, but I'm sure it's awesome).

    Intro to web design by Meg Lewis at Ghostly Ferns is another good one.

    Portfolio Development by Calle Sjoenell

    Design as Idea by Bob Gill

    Bring Your Design to Life: Intro to Motion Graphics (seriously awesome)

    Teach Yourself to Code: One Month Rails (also awesome)

    Stop Wishing You Had Ideas and Have Them by Mark Pollard at Big Spaceship (also good)

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