• Nick PfistererNick Pfisterer, 6 years ago

    I've been using this for about a year. It hasn't left my Chrome since. Super handy.

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  • Evan KnightEvan Knight, 6 years ago

    inspect element

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  • Mason LawlorMason Lawlor, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    Firebug works fine for me. Invent a tool that can tell you what font is used in a jpg or png, and I will be amazed.

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    • Seah C-BSeah C-B, 6 years ago

      Here you go: http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/

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      • Christine ChaoChristine Chao, 6 years ago

        It's sad that WhatTheFont doesn't really work that well, a lot of the times when I try to use it, it failed to identify the font.

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        • Seah C-BSeah C-B, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

          A lot of times it really depends on the quality of the image you put into it. If you're trying to identify a sans serif, you have to make sure it's a pretty high quality image. It also doesn't do a great job with connected scripts, unfortunately.

          If all else fails, there's always the WhatTheFont forums. The people who hang out there are amazingly good at identifying fonts. They're fast too.

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  • Thibault MichelThibault Michel, 6 years ago

    Been using it forever. Definitely my most used Chrome plugin, it's just so nice to have.

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  • Tom DurkinTom Durkin, 6 years ago

    Damn, this is going to save me a lot of time. I usually use the inspector which is less than ideal. Thanks for sharing

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  • Surjith S MSurjith S M, 6 years ago

    Great tool but, The heading font of this page is 32px and the Extension shows 32.22222137451172px ?


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  • Julian LloydJulian Lloyd, 6 years ago

    Great tool

    It always shows font size/line height in pixels; it’d be great if a future version of WhatFont could show em/rem units too!

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  • John CanelisJohn Canelis, 6 years ago

    Use this everyday. Love it.

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  • Catalin CimpanuCatalin Cimpanu, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    I've been using their browser bookmarklet for a long time now. Great tool

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  • jacob weberjacob weber, 6 years ago

    I use this all the time and yeah have had it as a staple in Chrome for about a year as well.

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  • Charlie PrattCharlie Pratt, 6 years ago

    AWESOME. Had no idea this was out there. Thanks.

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