• Noah BuscherNoah Buscher, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    Where was the figure pulled out of? If we're in the game of putting prices on Twitter usernames, I got a cool $1,000,000 on mine. First come first serve.

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  • Robert BusbyRobert Busby, almost 6 years ago

    So the more letters you have the more zeros it's worth? Success!

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  • Stef LewandowskiStef Lewandowski, almost 6 years ago

    The most frustrating thing about this article is that the title is spurious at best, yet there are things to be learned here, no matter how short your twitter username, and these things are lost in a shroud of spin.

    I think there's an as-yet unwritten article here that could coolly explain the steps you should take to avoid such things. Two-factor auth, long TTLs on your name-servers, secondary "forgotten" email addresses, using 1Password or similar for password management, and so on. Perhaps I should write it!

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    • Daniel FoscoDaniel Fosco, almost 6 years ago

      You should definitely write it!

      Truth is, even the people that care about securing their online presence slip up in some way or another, opening an angle for this kind of attack.

      Even though I'd hardly be the target for an attack like this (too many characters on my twitter handle), all it takes is one person that wants to screw with my life to give me a major headache like this — and I definitely don't follow all of these security procedures.

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  • John LockeJohn Locke, almost 6 years ago

    Two cautionary tales about how social engineering is still the most effective form of infiltrating accounts. Not sure that any Twitter name is worth that much, though.

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  • , almost 6 years ago

    Another tale ...

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