DN: A Directory of Things and the DN Ecosystem

over 6 years ago from , Founder at LayerVault

First, a quick update on DN.

Feature development paused for a moment while Kelly and the team cleaned up some of the technical debt accrued over the last year. We're ready again to crank out some good stuff and are in the process of adding a few features requested in this thread.

A directory of things

We're aware of a bunch of 3rd party services using DN. It's time to list them all in one place. We have a "Bookmarklet" link in the footer that sends you to /things. We're making that page a directory of things. Here's what that page is going to look like: http://d.lyrv.lt/heulwz2z

Designer News API

We're seeing enough new apps and services being created that it's time for us to consider building an honest API for DN. There's no date on when we'll release an API, but it's top of mind for us.

Help us

Did you build something you want listed in the directory? Do you know of any DN twitter bots, page, plugin, app, or whatever? Post 'em up so that we can list them.