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  • Robb SchillerRobb Schiller, over 6 years ago

    Bummer this didn't get more upvotes... such great questions and ideas.

    The idea of "sharing" is going to completely change in 5 years. I wish he touched on that more. My favorite apps on my phone right now are the one's I don't open. Moves, Human. It makes me wonder how that is going to apply to the social construct.

    This is a space I'd be really interested for the new FB Creative Labs to experiment in. I want to have more apps that do the curation and sharing for me.

    I want a social app that is constantly reorganizing my social sphere based on who i'm actually around and doing life with.

    I want a sharing system that ambiently listens to my conversations and does things for me. Freaky? yes. Coming? Absolutely.

    I want to look at my screen less and at the faces of the people im around more and yet still have technology more involved in my connections. That's the interaction I think Benedict could be getting at here and that's what I'm starting to think about as a designer.

    Less work, more results.

    I guess it's nothing new...

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