The Gap (vimeo.com)

over 6 years ago from , Factotum @ Oddny


  • Tommy SadlerTommy Sadler, over 6 years ago

    This just inspired me. I'm in that gap. Being only 15 and realizing that my work is not good is frustrating, but now knowing that everybody goes through this period is like this huge weight being lifted off my shoulders.

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  • Stephen GraceStephen Grace, over 6 years ago

    I love this audio clip, and this is easily now my favourite complimenting visuals.

    And look at that subtle off-white colouring...

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  • Miroslav BekyarovMiroslav Bekyarov, over 6 years ago

    Very inspiring, thanks for sharing it!

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  • Tor Løvskogen BollingmoTor Løvskogen Bollingmo, over 6 years ago

    I'm wondering: is there an importance in doing lots of the right kind of work?

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  • George KukaGeorge Kuka, over 6 years ago

    I just turned 20 and it's nerve wrecking to feel this "gap". I love great design and just like the video describes I feel I have good taste, but creating something that reflects my taste is like being asked to walk a tight rope. I usually don't end up with my desired results and if I do, I'll look back in due time just to see how bad it now looks to me. It's a vicious cycle that has compounded this negativity and hesitancy to doing what I enjoy. This talk is my favorite talk to date just because it has me wanting to design more than ever. Let my fears go and just dive in the deep end, with practice I'll mature.

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    • Chris De La FuenteChris De La Fuente, over 6 years ago

      I really feel your pain, there are times where the work I make feels great, but the other day I was asked to make something with almost no boundaries and after doing tons of production work for the week I was blown away when I had a frustrating time coming up with anything. I like to think my taste is great, but when it came down to crafting something from square one I seem to have a hard time nowadays.

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  • Per V, over 6 years ago


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