Ask DN: I've learned javascript. Now what?

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I already know jQuery pretty well, but I wanted to know what makes it tick. So, I took the last week to go through Codecademy's JS course. It lead me through basic concepts of JS.

Now I'm stuck. I understand the basic concepts, but I'm having trouble connecting in to an actual project.

I'm a designer and front-end dev, so I don't want to get into deep development work. What should I do next? Are there resources to help? Or should I just start to try using it in projects?


  • Armand GrilletArmand Grillet, 6 years ago

    Javascript is an awesome language, if you don't know what to learn next you could try Dart. It's a really convenient way to start OOP if you only know JS for the time being.

    Now if you want to write JS for small projects and need inspiration, look at the Chrome Packaged Apps. It's an easy way to start building "applications" with just HTML, CSS and JS. You can do small extensions for a specific website and later work on big projects, personally I work on Mado now but I worked on small apps before, develop Chrome Apps is really simple and it allows you to do awesome things with all the APIs available.

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  • Phil RauPhil Rau, 6 years ago

    I learned Javascript by starting with D3.js, and I recommend it because its a nice bridge between visual design and code. If javascript is algebra, D3.js is geometry.

    Why not find a set of data you find interesting and make an interactive data visualization?

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