Take part in a micro-narratives research experiment about “becoming a designer”

over 1 year ago from , Senior Designer & Strategist in the Banking industry. Critical / Design / Systems thinker, learner, practitioner —Design as a catalyst for change.

I’m running a little experiment with micro-narratives research on the topic of “becoming a designer”. Everyone in the field or entering it (UX or otherwise) is welcome to participate here → https://collector.sprockler.com/inquiry/c3092b

Many enter the field of design because of various factors, for a career change, by accident, or simply because it is the most obvious choice to them. This experience is unequal in its uniqueness to each individual but also, at the same time, shared in many ways through communities and groups. This is an interesting tension to investigate.

This survey’s purpose is to make sense of individual stories about “becoming a designer” and create a shared understanding of them.

Thanks in advance for your help!