How vulnerable do you get with your manager?

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I have a question which I’m trying to find an answer for myself. And I hope to hear from people who might have pondered the same question. Or maybe inspire people here to think about it and write. I don’t have it (question) perfectly written just yet, So please forgive the it rod and this long train of thoughts.

I’m curious to know how vulnerable a worker can be with their manager without compromising their employment?

I’m lucky to have a career coach. We talk about my fears, insecurities, and things I want to do career-wise. I’m doing good at work, meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations at times. But what I actually design for I’m not really passionate about. Though, this it is my core job, and I’m pretty good at it. I can’t imagine though, talking about all of it with my manager. I do at times, but it’s usually a bit of double-speak with them. I understand that they have a job and I was hired to do the job. So I wonder, how far you can push the honesty with the person who is paid to make sure you do the work?