Top Benefits & Features White label Video Streaming Platform

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A "white label" product or service is one that is fully supported by one company but sold by another. White label solutions are effective for a wide range of applications, from cereal to tickets. Grocery stores sell cereal and other products under their own brand name at a lower price than competing brands.

White label digital solutions are used by brands for a variety of reasons, including: It saves the company money and time. The company can concentrate on brand development and improving the overall customer experience. The brand intends to enter a new market and gain customers in the new segment. The technology of video streaming is rapidly evolving. As a broadcaster, you must keep your audience's attention on your content.

With white-label video platforms, you can eliminate the third-party branding and advertisements that are frequently included with free video hosting platforms, allowing you to focus on your brand. This simple enhancement will boost the professionalism of your content with VOD platform.

A white-label product is one that is manufactured by one company and sold to another for repackaging and reselling under their own brand. White-label video streaming, in particular, means broadcasting your content without distracting logos or links that lead back to the provider's page.

White-label video players are not a new concept. For example, has been meeting this need for those with the technical know-how to implement it for over a decade. However, in the streaming world, the integration of white label vod platform into video players such as VPlayed is still relatively new.