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"Searching work from home illustration, this list of 15 free illustrations showing work from home will give you plenty of ideas. I hope they'll also help you to see your home office in a way. And inspire you to make it even better."

This is a free work from home illustration pack with all the objects that you need to replicate your home office space. It will help you to design offices for your work-from-home employees. Illustration of people working at home. man working on laptops and computers at home. Young people working in co-working spaces together.

This illustration pack includes:

  • 20+ characters 

  • Furniture

  • Lighting

  • Plants

  • Devices and Gadgets

  • Objects

  • Windows

This work from home illustrations pack are often used in today's work-from-home job search. It is an excellent way to get your message across because it attracts the eye and can be read at a glance. So download this free set of illustrations from UIHUT and enjoy.

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