How to Build an eLearning Video Platform

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In CONTUS VPlayed we come across lots of young entrepreneurs who become business thought leaders by leveraging the magnitude of internet availability. One of the prime industries that has made an enormous impact in the market within a short span of time is known from the education sector, otherwise known as E-Learning.

It is extremely important to note with the right use of online education tools on how to create a learning app or why use video in e learning via the blended technology makes the e-learning video platform, a new trendsetter in the educational streaming system.

So if you would like to create your own exciting and interactive e learning platform that is much more online learning revenue streaming and creative, scroll down to dwell for more.

We would be discussing: How to Start a Profitable E-Learning Business in 2021? Kick Start an E-learning Business How E-learning Platform Helps Teachers, Students & Institutions? Create & Launch Your Own e-learning App in Minutes

Kick-Start an E-Learning Business in these 4 Simple Steps Before jumping into the bandwagon of e-Learning video service, it is a good idea to know what are the tactics need to be followed to get the desired profit from e learning platform. Starting any new online business or any VOD business in that sense initially may seem to be a daunting task.

It may be a little overwhelming if it’s not rightly planned with the right strategies. However, here are a few strategies that help to keep the ball rolling in the right direction. If the foundation is strong with clear-cut strategies then think that 80% of the major work is already completed.

As Gordon.B.Hinckley said “You can’t build a solid building on a weak foundation. You need to have a solid foundation to build a strong super infrastructure”.

  1. Decide the Domain Categorize the area on which you are familiar and start building your network based on it. Whether it is kids learning material, information technology or psychological counselling, narrowing down on a particular niche is important. This lays the core idea of your e-learning business platforms.

  2. Time to Research Listen to your audience first, then act as per their needs. Identifying your target audience’s pain points & challenges are crucial for any educational video platform. Engage with the potential users through professional forums, social media channels & get as many insights as possible.

  3. Create Video Content Start with a pilot program and design a course pattern with high quality, valuable and educational video content. Creating video content gives 10x times more reach than a written course transcript. With subtitles, pausing and downloading option, the users can learn on the go without missing any session.

  4. YouTube Premium Revenue Once you have narrowed down the industry & identified the challenges, pick top 10 hot technologies & get on board experienced trainers to roll out your online education business. Investing in creating own elearning platform profits you in the long run. Look for customizable for education that offers various perks to the users. Read more on how to start an elearning business